Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kunal Kapoor’s gal needs to be sweet and hot


Q. Your girl should be...

A. Real to me. I like her because when she smiles at me, she really means it. That’s a beautiful line from a movie. I feel so because I would want someone who is real. There is already enough drama in life and being real is a must.

Q. From the film industry or outside?

A. That’s not a criterion. A real person can be from anywhere? From the industry or not doesn’t matter.

Q. Sweet or hot?

A. Actually, a combination of the two. I know it’s very rare and would consider myself very lucky if I find her.

Q. Simpleton or modern?

A. I think both the things should come together. A simple girl with a modern approach and vice versa.

Q. Housewife or working woman?

A. Of course, a working woman. Because in today’s times, when there are so many opportunities for women; it would be sad to see someone not exploring the possibilities and not being a part of the exposure.

Q. Docile or dominating?

A. It should be something in-between because I wouldn’t be able to take an excess of either.

Q. Inner or outer beauty?

A. Outer beauty, actually. I wouldn’t care about beautiful looking lungs and liver!

Q. Would you cook for her?

A. Well, I would love to. But she has to like whatever I cook. That’s the point!

Q. What gift would you expect from her? A. A Ferrari would be great!

Not so funny after all?

Ayesha Takia

Ritesh Deshmukh being branded as a comic hero has caused a sudden dearth of actresses who are willing to star opposite him in a romantic lead. After the success of his comedies Apna Sapna Money Money, Heyy Baby and De Taali, Ritesh has been tagged as the quintessential comic hero.

Ayesha Takia, who happily played his friend in De Taali, has refused to play the alien who becomes his love interest in Milap Jhaveri’s Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai.

Although Ayesha suddenly opting out of the film comes as a big blow, Ritesh has no grudges against Ayesha.

Ritesh Deshmukh

Commenting on why she opted out of Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai, Ayesha Takia says, “I can’t do Milap Jhaveri’s film because the schedule got delayed by two months.

I had already given dates to Nagesh Kukunoor’s Tasveer and Prabhu Deva’s Wanted and had no option but to opt out of Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai.”

Ritesh says, “I’m aware that in our films, actors who have a romantic image are considered conventional heroes. I tried to do a serious role in Cash, but it didn’t work. Despite my debut as a conventional hero in Tujhe Meri Kasam followed by Vashu Bhagnani’s Out of Control, people still think that I am best for only comic roles.”

“I again play a comic role in Sajid Khan’s Housefull. After Heyy Baby, Sajid plans to pull out all the stops in this comic film along with Akshay Kumar,” he adds.

Even Sujoy Ghosh’s Aladdin, where Ritesh plays the title role has a comic element. “Although I play the title role in Aladdin, it is Amitabh Bachchan who is the focus of the film,” says Ritesh.

I’m aware that in our films, actors who have a romantic image are considered conventional heroes. I tried to do a serious role in Cash, but it didn’t work – Ritesh Deshmukh

Love Story 2050 team looks for luck in diamonds

When it comes to promoting their film, the team behind Love Story 2050 is leaving no stone unturned. Quite literally.

After marketing soft toys and bed linen with the film's logos, the team is tying up with a diamond jewellery brand.

And when you have a pink teddy bear grabbing the spotlight on stage, who needs a hero?

“I don't think Harman will look nice with ear-rings. So I came,” said Priyanka Chopra.

As they say no such thing as too much publicity. With the film inching towards its release date, it's no wonder there's been a promotional overdrive

Kahani ghar ghar ki

Sridevi and Boney Kapoor

Boney Kapoor's parents have moved out of his bungalow, and moved in with Anil Kapoor. No, they aren't choosing between their sons. It's just that the lease on Boney and Sridevi's bungalow in Juhu has expired on June 28, and their new house in Lokhandwala is still under construction.

Meanwhile, their parents are put up at Anil's house. Boney and Sridevi have themselves shifted to Sridevi's flat at Green Acres (Lokhandwala). Says a source close to Anil, “The Green Acres flat isn't big enough to accommodate the entire family. So the parents are staying with Anil.” Will they go back to stay with Boney and Sridevi? “Of course, once the Lokhandwala bungalow is ready, they will all shift there,” adds the source.

Ash-Abhi not so ‘happily married’?

Be it award functions, film promotions or press conferences, the gorgeous Bachchan bahu is evidently quite happy whenever seen with family. Recently, Ash’s usual over the top behaviour became a cause for embarrassment for hubby Abhishek. The couple lately had a heated argument, on their way to attend the IIFA ceremony, when the actress was getting a little too loud and Abhi wanted her to just be soft in her expression.

As the couple was proceeding to attend the award function, with actor Kunal Kapoor, Ash got too loud and vocal, while Abhishek subtly asked her to keep her voice low. Understanding the need of the situation, Kunal promptly left the place in order to stay out of their marital spat.

However, reports reveal that the actress in spite of being warned by hubby couldn't maintain a low profile. Abhishek then took wife to the hotel lobby, made her sit peacefully and had a word with her to make himself clearly understood.

According to sources, things did not work out for them and Ash continued auguring at the top of her voice, and which is when Abhi completely lost his temper and ended up telling his personal security guards to escort his wife to her room.

Now, does that imply that the couple has finally outgrown the so very ‘happy-happy’ beat of their marriage? We definitely hope not.

A Producer asked me to sleep with him

Her maiden film as an actress - Hum Sey Hai Jahaan bombed at the box office, but then pretty, dark and smart Vishakha Singh is not unduly perturbed by the fate of the film for the simple reason that even before Hum Sey Hai Jahaan was complete, she had bagged two more films - Abhijeet Sengupta's Do Aur Do Paanch and Venkatesh Naidu's Coffee Shop, which are also being readied for an early release.

Born and brought up in Abu Dhabi, Vishakha, who was the cultural captain while she studied in school, is a beauty with brains, having graduated in Business Administration in New Delhi. Vishakha confesses that it was sheer boredom with her internship in a couple of ad agencies that prompted her to try her hands at modeling.

Vishakha continues confessing that her acting stint had actually started right from home when she had lied to her strict father that she wanted to go to Mumbai to do theatre because he was not in favor of letting her act in films.

Vishakha concedes that though it is easy to get offers to act in ad films after giving the auditions, to face the camera and emote and lose one's inhibitions to a blank lens which is just a piece which does not respond to you is quite a tough task.

"Though I did not learn acting by joining any acting academy, I am glad I was able to understand the medium by facing the camera for ad films.

Though as far as acting was concerned, I was 10 when I embarked on a career in acting, today I feel I can rate myself 4 out of 10, " Vishakha quips.

Though Vishakha has not acted in any TV serial till date, she says that all the credit for having made her an actress ought to go to Balaji Telefilms which had auditioned her for a role in their popular serial Kasauti Zindagi Ki.

"I was given a two page long dialogue for the scene in which Prerna loses her son. After I had done the scene, I went on crying and was asked to report for the shoot from the next day.

However I decided that I could not suffer doing such scenes for 25 days every month and politely declined the role of Aparna who ends up marrying Mr Basu, " explains Vishakha.

However, Vishakha says that she does not regret having said no to act in TV serials.

"TV is a very open medium. Touchwood, if my films do not do well at the box office, I am one hundred per cent confident that television is one medium which would still welcome me, with open arms.

I do not mean to look down upon TV. It is just that as of now I want to concentrate all my attention on making a career as an actress in Bollywood, " Vishakha explores her world of hope.

Whether in Hum Sey Hai Jahaan or Do Aur Do Paanch or for that matter Coffee Shop, Vishakha says that she has made it a point not to expose at all, though it is the latest mantra in Bollywood.

"Losing one's inhibitions does not at all mean that one should bare one's clothes but emotions. It is only the director and the script which can convince me as far as agreeing to expose on the screen is concerned, " bold goes the rising star.

What is Vishakha's take on exposure? I ask Viashakha. She shoots back, "I have a lot of pride in me.

When I saw Esha Deol appear in a skimpy bikini in Dhoom, my heart sank, because I realized that I stood no chance of saying no to getting into a bikini, if Esha who is from the film industry had to do it. I am not at all a prude.

Though I had turned down Arjun Sablok's offer to cast me in Niel N Niki in the role in which he had eventually cast Tanisha, because he could not convince me to expose my cleavage almost throughout the film, I'd readily do a lip to lip kissing scene like Rani did in Black if the scene changes the entire narration like it did in Black."

Is she scared of the syndrome of the casting couch? I ask her.

Without batting her eye lids, she replies, "I am not scared at all of the casting couch, because I'd slap the person if someone makes an attempt, though I do not deny that it does exist.

A Telugu film producer told me on my face to sleep with him if I wanted to act in his film, but he was lucky because I had politely walked out, since I was new then, long before I bagged the offer for my first film."

In Do Aur Do Paanch, Vishakha plays a typical tapori girl since the film, in her own admission, is a take off on Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, a comedy action film, which has Salman Khan doing a special appearance though the flick has no love triangle at all.

In Coffee Shop, Vishakha plays the role of a painter. "It is about the struggle of the girl who wants to go to the New York School of Fine Arts. Though in real life, I also dabble with painting as a hobby, I am not a M. F. Hussain in real life, though I could identify with the journey of the character that I am playing in Coffee Shop to a large extent, " Vishakha casts light on her character.

When she met Mashoor Amrohi who has not only played the leading man in Hum Sey Hai Jahaan but also produced, directed, written and choreographed the film, Vishakha says that she could easily gel with him because they belonged to the same age group and there was no communication gap.

"I was relieved to make my debut with a banner which was known to present women in a dignified way", Vishakha quips and adds that it was a big advantage to her that Mashoor, besides being the leading man, was also the director of the film since she did not have to necessarily look tom the director behind the camera.

Inrterestingly Vishakha's name was suggested by the unit of Chak De India after she had been rejected by Shimit Amin when she auditioned for the role eventually played in the film by Vidya Malavade, because Shimit did not find her suitable for the matured character.

Vishakha says that her wish list is to act in films like Black and Cheeni Kum since she is a die-hard fan of Rani Mukerjee, Kajol, Tabu, Vidya Balan and Minissha Lamba ("I like Minisha's choice of films") as far as actresses are concerned though her staunch favorite among the actors is none other than Hrithik Roshan. "I dote on Hrithik Roshan because he is so devoted to his work", she concludes.

Twinkle spies on Akshay and Katrina

Twinke Khanna made a sudden entry on the finale day of the IIFA 2008 event. Was it to check on her husband since Katrina and Akshay were performing together and there was no sign of Salman around? She clung to Akshay throughout and made sure he never left her side even for a few moments or even attend his calls. There were talks going around that Katrina was trying to call up Akshaye frantically before the performance but Akshay didn't pick up the phone. Was it because Twinkle was sitting with him?

Kat baby got so pissed off with all these stories that she decided to give to give it back, "People need to stop imagining so much. This is pure imagination on someone's part. Akshay Kumar came in for the show in the night and left right after as he had a flight to catch. I had dinner with Twinkle and some of her friends after that and even my mom was with me. So what's with these stories?"

Aamir Khan invites bigwigs for 'Jaane Tu' premiere

Himself a big star, Aamir Khan is going all out to invite the bigwigs of film industry for the premiere of his nephew’s first film Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na .

Having already called the film – launchpad of Imran Khan – his “gesture of gratitude” towards uncle Nasir Husain, Aamir is working overtime to ensure a star-studded premiere of ‘Jaane Tu’ in the opening days of July. The movie will hit the theatres on July 4.

Among the people Aamir has invited are Amitabh Bachchan (including the entire Bachchan khandan), Shahrukh Khan and the superstar of South, Rajnikant .

It is learnt that instead of calling Rajnikant on phone, Aamir chose to fly to Chennai to personally invite the megastar for whom Aamir has “great respect”.

Aamir has been after the Bachchans for a long time to watch his film Taare Zameen Par . But now, he has insisted that Big B grace the premiere of ‘Jaane Tu’ with his presence.

As for SRK, Aamir says he continues to remain friends with the superstar despite all that media has written about them. And about his dog blog, Aamir says it was written in good humour and SRK understands this.

Well, it would be quite a sight to see Aamir, SRK and Big B together under the same roof.

Katrina baby... Learn from Kareena!!!

Once it comes to the Bollywood nights people can easily visualize the jingling dances, dazzling appearances and giggling gags. Coming to the last section, our cool dudes Boman Irani and Riteish Deshmukh tickled all the heads around. But exceptions are always there. Guess what!

Boman Irani and Riteish Deshmukh made the IIFA 2008 night all the more interesting with their good sense of humour.

The funny guys who made fun of almost everything and everyone under the sun became the reason for celebrities grumbling under their breath. They performed a gag in which they showed their own versions of the best film nominations like Partner, Jab We Met etc was really funny and had the entire audience in splits.

But there were few who didn’t seem so happy with these guys making fun of their films and amongst them was Katrina Kaif!

The sweet charmy was gloomy all the while the males were cracking on the IIFA stage. Seemingly, Kat was carrying a Sallu affected image.

But see, in the same space Bebe was all so cool and enjoying cracklings all through their performance. Katrina should take a lesson from Kareena.

The latter was laughing even though Riteish and Boman didn’t shy away from making Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan a happy couple after showing Kareena eloping with Riteish and Boman.

Well, it would be interesting to see whether Kat’s angry boyfriend Salman takes all these sportingly or else both Ritiesh and Boman would have to face the same fate as Vivek Oberoi, who is struggling for films after his problems with Sallu Miya came out in open.

Sameera visits


At last the sizzling Bolly doll has opened her heart about her 'wished to be partner' and the qualities the lucky champ should possess...

Q. One quality you would like your man to possess?

A. There are not one, but far too many qualities. My wish list is quite big!

Q. And they are…

A. He should be confident and very sure of himself. He should be fantastic at his job and also as hardworking as I am. Then he should love to work out and should have very good family values. And most important, he should smell very good and be a real good soul!

Q. He would be from Bollywood or outside?

A. I will definitely not go for someone from the film industry. I want someone from outside.

Q. You go for internal or external beauty?

A. He should be beautiful inside out. Well, I guess that matters the most.

Q. He should be brainy or brawny?

A. Definitely brainy.

Q. Is a sense of humour a must?

A. Well, yes, I won’t miss on that one either. That way he can keep me entertained in the most boring situations.

Q. How important would calls and SMSs be in your relationship?

A. Well, yes, it’s very important. But I would like him to call me more than I do!

Q. What do you think of metro-sexual men?

A. Well, they are just okay but they shouldn't overdo that thing. They shouldn’t end up being girly.

Q. How long would you wait to take your relationship to the next level?

A. Next level, as in marriage, for me, won’t take very long. The moment I see him for the first time I would know this is it. He is the one and won’t keep waiting after that.

Sonam Kapoor finds her new love

Looks like Sonam Kapoor has found her new love in Kunal Kapoor. This Bollywood Kapoor Jodi is nowadays often scene roaming around coffee shops, malls, etc with hand in hand. Looking at the recent happenings in both the stars life they really could heal each others broken heart.
Sonam Kapoor

Where Ranbir Kapoor dumped Sonam for hottie Deepika Padukone, Kunal Kapoor too had a break up with gorgeous Diya Mirza. So the couple could surely understand each other's situation and try to bring happiness on their respective lives. Especially, Anil Kapoor's daughter Sonam was so depressed after her break up with Ranbir that she went for a 2 months hideout.

But we would like to warn this emotional girl about Mr Kunal who has not only ditched Diya Mirza but also has an flirtatious history of dumping Raima Sen. Being an emotional girl we would recommend Sonam to think twice before moving ahead in her relationship with this flirt natured guy.

Bollywood stars and lucky charms

Bollywood has become quite progressive in terms of its story lines and technical aspects. Nevertheless, when it comes to belief in superstitions, there is no leaving behind the stars. With rising competition in the market, one cannot really blame them but then isn’t canceling ones shoot owing to a superstition, taking it too far? We asked a bunch of actors if they had any blind belief in things or had any lucky charms and here is what they had to say:

Shaahid Kapur: “While I don’t believe in lucky charms, I am particular about the way I wear my shoes. I will always put my right shoe before the left one.”

Vidya Balan: (Always seen with a bag gifted to her by Aziz Mirza’s son) “I think whatever gift is given with a lot of affection is always lucky. I can’t a name a tangible luck that the bag has brought but it has definitely brought a lot of positivity.”

Adhyayan Suman: “I am very emotional about the armlet I have. It was given to me by my parents and I love it.”

Amita Pathak: “The armlet that I wear was given to me by my brother. I make it a point to always wear it. Once we had to go to Ladakh for shooting and forgot my armlet in Mumbai. I refused to shoot till I got it back.”

Nakul Mehta: “My parents’ good wish is my lucky charm.”

Akshay to Romance Denise Richards

Producer Sajid Nadiadwala declares that it is easier to meet Hollywood stars for roles than our actors back home. So he met 'Superman' Brandon Routh and Denise Richards and has finalized them for his $20 million project 'Kambhakt Ishq,' which also stars Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor. Nadiadwala is toying with the idea of dubbing the film in English for a global audience.
Nadiadwala is also in talks with actor turned politician Arnold Schwarzenegger for the film, which revolves around Akshay, who play a Hollywood stuntman in the film. Beisdes all of these Hollywood stars, Nadiadwala has also managed to sign on 'Terminator' heroine Linda Hamilton for his film. All three stars are expected to sign up by early next week. While some of the Hollywood actors have walk on parts, Richards has a far more substantial role. She plays Kareena's rival and has quite a few romantic scenes with Akshay. Nadiadwala reveals that his film will have many more Hollywood actors, "about a dozen, who'll do walk on parts." Despite his tall claims about Hollywood stars being more accessible, Nadiadwala did come across some obstacles while trying to sign on these Hollywood icons. But thankfully, they were only those of fiscal conversion. He laughingly claims that he is still getting used to converting rupees into dollars. Though the producer in him feels that these stars are expensive, as a fan, he feels money is of little consequence. "The important thing," says Sajid, "is that the presence of Hollywood stars in Kambhakt Ishq is not a gimmick. The hero is a stuntman in Hollywood. So the stars all fit into the plot." Nadiadwala, who shot his Salman Khan and Akshay starrer, Jaan e Mann in New York, will shoot Kambhakt Ishq in Los Angeles from June 27th. Following that, there is a 20 day schedule in Italy. Kareena will be flying in from London, while Akshay is coming in from the Bahamas The next five months promise to be grueling.

Maturity matters, actors doing better at their 30s


The success stories of puppy fat and pimply romance are gone. It’s the more mature guys who are making the adrenalin rush now. Gone are the days when we used to watch ‘puppy-love’ movies like Bobby, Prem Rog or Love 86 with teenage lead pairs singing and running around the trees and trying to hold their hard-beating hearts. The focus from lead actors in their late teens or early 20s has shifted to more mature looking heroes and heroines especially while they are in their 30s. And all those Rishi Kapoors and Kumar Gauravs with puppy fat and chubby cheeks have given way to more seriously ‘men’ lookers like Hrithik Roshans and Abhishek Bachchans. And even these superstars of the transition period have earned their place under the sun after years of struggle. In other words, by crossing the lean phase of their 20s!

In 2000, when 26-year-old Hrithik Roshan blazed up the Indian screens with Kaho Naa...Pyaar Hai, critics and audiences alike felt that a new star was born. But when his releases, thereafter weren’t received as positively, he was quickly written off as a one-film wonder. The success of Koi...Mil Gaya in 2003 made his detractors say that the light-eyed actor only excels in his dad Rakesh Roshan’s films. But 2006 changed all that. Krissh, Dhoom: 2 and the multicrore deal with Adlabs pushed Hrithik to the Most Wanted league. And he is also now considered as a versatile actor who excels both in positive and negative roles. Critics have somersaulted and now say that it was only Hrithik who could have made “two scriptless films” reach the target of over Rs 100 crore in the 2006. The actor, now all of 33 years, is being christened “the most valuable person in the industry” and “the sexiest man alive”. For Hrithik Roshan, the 30s have obviously been a magic phase.

For Bachchan Junior, too, things haven’t been different. Audiences, which had rejected Abhishek in his prime 20s in film after flop film, are now accepting his movies with open arms. A movie critic, who once ridiculed him, saying, “Since the time Abhishek Bachchan has started acting, every roadside loafer now thinks he can be a hero,” must have been regretting his words after watching his mind-blowing performance in Guru.

Saif Ali Khan’s story is another who fumbled into the 30s and only then earned his spurs. Even having the status of Sharmila Tagore’s son couldn’t stop people from writing off the Chhote Nawab after a score of flops in a row. For years, the media awaited his announcement to retire hurt when most of the producers refused to sign him for any of their movies. But one Dil Chahta Hai was enough to silence everyone. With his solo act in Hum Tum and the national award for best actor thereafter, he further consolidated his position. Now he is considered an able actor along with being a bankable star with eye-catching performances in films like Salaam Namaste, Race and of course Omkara.

So what made Saif the Waif a superstar? “Times have changed. Saif has become mature; he gave his first hit when he had just crossed 30. He is now 38 and in last seven years, he has been an integral part of around 10 films which rocked the box-office,” says a producer on whose door Saif used to religiously knock for a film. “In fact, all the heroes — Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan, John Abraham, Akshaye Khanna, Arjun Rampal, Abhishek Bachchan and even Shiney Ahuja — are considered 30-plus hot commodities. Actually, you learn a lot about the rules of Bollywood, from acting to presentation to marketing as you get older playing the game here,” he continues. Like, the same Saif now doesn’t even answer his phone calls!

While the BO and the producers are favouring more mature actors, the guys who are in their 20s like Shahid Kapur, Kunal Khemu and Zayed Khan are either not offered any leading roles or even if they get any, their movies are washouts. Shahid’s Vivah got its moolah only in small towns. He though tasted success in Jab We Met. Kunal’s Kalyug and Traffic Signal was greeted with mixed responses both by cine-goers and critics while his last release Superstar proved to be a disaster at the box office. Zayed Khan has not given a hit in ages. Maybe they are awaiting their 30th birthdays more eagerly than any other.

This trend was not as visible before 2000. Every other film was either based on the life of college kids or was a love story involving pimply youngsters who couldn’t get married because of their parents blocking their path. Probably these kind of films got outdated as the actors who played these characters grew older. They started preferring characters they could fit into properly, rather than standing up top and be taunted for their younger roles (we are not talking about Dev Anand, of course). Aamir Khan, who was once a teen idol, started accepting serious films like Akele Hum Akele Tum, Sarfarosh and Lagaan. His success inspired the other Khans to exit from the boy-next-door image and to experiment with new ideas and stories. Shah Rukh excelled as an actor in Devdas and Salman was appreciated in the awesome hit, Tere Naam.

The emergence of the multiplex phenomenon has also played a prominent part in creating the present scenario where mature actors are acknowledged more (after the initial period of the giggle gaggles munching on their caramel popcorn and cooing over caramel cine-stars). Today, if a viewer spends Rs 250 for a movie, then he wants value for that kind of money. The audiences now choose movies carefully, or so it seems, at least. The viewers want more than just a teenybopper love story. They don’t have any qualms about accepting ‘different’ films like My Brother...Nikhil, Omkara and Rang De Basanti.

Basically, with the actors, the audiences have also matured. The liberty that viewers today have was not found in their counterparts who used to go to theatres before this millennium. A common Indian has the option of seeing all kinds of movies, whether masala mainstream, hoary Hollywood or classic European-style movies. Simply put, the audiences are more exposed today to better and diverse cinema. The mature actors are not shying to experiment with their looks and characters. In his late 30s, Arshad Warsi has become a bigger star by doing supporting roles than he was doing 10 languishing years ago. Now every director wants him in the movie. Writers are crafting parts exclusively for him. He, like many of his colleagues, only accepts a comic or an offbeat role now,” asserts Homi Adjaia, director of Being Cyrus, the only Indian English film that grossed more than Rs 20 crore.

Does that mean that the era of romancing around trees is over? Film critic Mayank Shekhar differs. “The concept of young romance is not going to die. Sooraj R. Barjatya tried to keep it alive by featuring Shahid Kapur and Amrita Rao together in Vivah. Earlier the competition was not that tough and actors were getting things easily. But now the whole scenario has changed. There are too many cute faces coming in and to get the right one is a tough job. In the 70s and 80s, there was a demand for fresh faces, which has now faded away. Only a few directors are willing to take chances on a newcomer and that occurs only if he or she is a star-son,” he analyses.

At a macro level it looks perfect, but when observed at a micro level, even this trend has its holes. To get a hit film today, the entire packaging is important; the audience would accept you as a superstar only if you are ‘worth’ it. The Munna-Circuit hit pair of Sunjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi was not enough to save a mundane film like Anthony Kaun Hain? The actors are only accepted if they give good performance in outstanding films. It does not matter if you are Saif or Shahid,” adds Mayank Shekhar.

Veteran filmmaker Ramesh Sippy concludes, “Maybe the people don’t have good scripts and subjects that can present teenagers in a better way. But there are a few people like Sanjay Leela Bhansali who is made Saawariya with Anil Kapoor’s daughter Sonam and Neetu and Rishi Kapoor’s son Ranbir Kapoor. There are no rules in the game of BO Success. Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio were very new and created history after Titanic. To change and adapt is a law of nature and if the audience change, cinema has to adapt to the changes.”

Preity Zinta: angry young woman


Once upon a time Amitabh Bachchan had the total copyright over the anger matters. Later on heroes like Sunny Deol and Ajay Devgan shared few bits of the losing control.

On screen sweeties like Salman and Chichi have even created off screen hungama either by knocking ladies’ doors or by slapping news guys. But sweet babies ire-ing and firing in the industry is quite an offbeat catch.

Though hard to believe but it’s true that it hardly takes few seconds to ignite anger in Priety. We all are aware of this tamed lioness’ angry side. Once this pretty actress gets angry then she is not the one who would back out from the fight.

Recently producer Tito Juneja’s son Sonny Juneja had to face the storm from this lady when he dared to throw comment on Priety’s acting capabilities while she was dubbing for Tito’s film Har Pal.

Priety got so bugged up with the continuous comments from Sonny that she decided to quit dubbing session and took a seat in a nearby park. In the end director Jahnu Barua had to arrive on the sets to convince the angry actress for resuming the dubbing.

Preity did so but only after Sonny was asked to leave the studio. Whether reports of cold vibes between films cast Shiney Ahuja and Preity Zinta or Shiney’s balding problems, Har Pal has always been associated with these kinds of negative stories. But as you say in Bollywood, negative or positive, B-town personalities always welcome free publicity. Maybe the uncontrollable anger fuming in the babe is just a part of that!