Friday, December 21, 2007

Shahid Kapoor makes papa proud

Shahid Kapoor the heartthrob of the nation has moved ahead after the success of his film Jab We Met. After giving successful hits like Vivaah and Jab We Met Shahid has proved to be a fantastic actor. He is being praised by everyone around him for his acting skills.

Recently at the ITA awards 2007 Shahid gave away the award to his father. While giving away the award Shahid became very emotional he said, 'It is an honour for me to felicitate my father. I would be very happy if I even achieve 1/4Th of what my father has achieved.' Pankaj Kapoor who never praises anyone was very happy at that moment and on this occasion he praised his son Shahid for his fabulous acting in Vivaah and Jab We Met. He even said that he was confident that one day Shahid will become a successful actor. Shahid is going to be directed by his father in one of his forthcoming films. According to Shahid, 'I am very happy that I am working in my dad's film. It is a great feeling to work with such a great actor.'

Halla Bol is reaching the common man

Rajkumar Santoshi"s Halla
has used an interactive marketing strategy. Since the film is vocal
about man's inner conscious, Halla Bol is reaching the common man
through street plays.

Spokesperson from Pyramid Saimira comments, "Regular
modes of marketing have been used over and again. Reaching the real viewer
through street theatre will be direct interactive marketing. We are targeting on
local issues, which will make people aware of it. We are taking these plays to
eight cities and in each city one artiste will accompany the theatre
group." One of the artistes from Ajay Devgan, Vidya Balan, or Pankaj Kapur
will be representing the film during the street play in each city. The street plays are organized and conducted by senior theatre
personality, Om Katare and his artistes. The theme of all the plays will gel
with the core storyline of the film. "Basically we are taking issues of
common man like the local Municipal Corporation, illegal constructions,
hospitals and health, and sexual harassment. These are the most written about
but least tackled issues because there is no unity amongst the citizens. I as
sutradhaar (narrator) will tell them to use their voice together in unison, to
go ahead and ‘Halla Bol" against injustice. Be together in
problems because what is one man's agony will become the second persons issue
tomorrow. Do not keep quite," explains Om Katare about their script and
plans. Producer Abdol Samee Siddiqui adds, "Our street theatre will take
the reel to the level of real. We have gone with Om due to his experience and
exposure to street plays."These plays will be taken to the cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Bhopal, Jaipur, Ahemdabad, Kolkotta and will culminate in Mumbai. Entire schedule will be held
from January 1 to January 10 since Halla Bol is releasing on January
11, 2008. Halla Bol is produced by Abdol Samee Siddiqui and India News
under the banner of Sunrise Pictures Pvt Ltd., and is directed and scripted by
Raj Kumar Santoshi. Halla Bol is presented and distributed globally by
Pyramid Saimira Theatre Ltd. The starcast of the film includes Ajay Devgan,
Vidya Balan, Pankaj Kapur and Darshan Zariwala.

Akshay and Paresh create their 17th magic

The festive season's most awaited release, Welcome, marks the coming together yet again of two powerhouse performers who have been lucky mascots for each other at the box-office.

As Dr. Ghungroo and his nephew Rajeev, Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar push their
creative limits in this madcap mother of all mafia comedies for the 17th time
together over 13 years! Welcome will see the two stars in another match of wits after they
featured together in a number of box-office scorchers like Mohra,
Insaaf, Aarzoo, Barood, Angaarey, Aan - Men At Work, Mr. & Mrs. Khiladi,
Awara Pagal Deewana, Aankhen, Bhool Bhulaiyya, Bhagam Bhag, Hera Pheri, Phir
Hera Pheri, Aitraaz and Garam Masala
. As noted recently, the movie
marks quite a few records already, with Anil-Nana coming together after 19
years, Anil-Feroz Khan after 21 years and Akshay-Katrina inching towards
consolidating their position as the most commercially successful leading pair of
recent times. The Akshay-Paresh magic mama-bhanja combination in Welcome
is sure to bring the house down!

Sushmita Sen in court over virginity

Sushmita Sen finds herself in
a soup as the Madurai branch of the Madras High Court issued a notice to her,
earlier this week, over some comments made by her on ‘pre-marital sex".

Sushmita Sen finds herself in a
soup as the Madurai branch of the Madras High Court issued a notice to her,
earlier this week, over some comments made by her on ‘pre-marital sex".
The actress in a T.V. interview, had commented that “No Indian has chastity or virginity
anymore" which didn"t go down well with the legal authorities and the
moral police, who felt that such comments could affect the moral fabric of India.
A notice has been issued to the Tamil daily as well, which published the
transcripts of the television interview.

In the past, actresses like Khushboo, Reema Sen and Shilpa Shetty have also
faced similar petitions in the past for their ‘controversial" comments.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Akshay Kumar's dare devil stunts

Megastar Akshay Kumar has always been associated with dare devil stunts, whether jumping from sky-scrapper or hanging from a helicopter to rescue damsel in distress, he has done it all.

But in a role reversal for his forthcoming blockbuster WELCOME, Akshay is rescued by Katrina Kaif! In a very whacky scene in the film Akshay jumps into the fire to save Katrina Kaif, but he is so afraid of the fire that he faints. Katrina then literally had to lift Akshay and get him out of the fire.

Says producer Firoz Nadiadwala, "Anees Bazmi, the director had conceived the particular hilarious scene. In fact whilst shooting for the scene, we were apprehensive of Akshay jumping inside the fire since it was risky. But Akshay being Akshay just jumped inside the fire. He even got his right hand burnt but he didn't tell us. We got to know about it once the shooting was over."

WELCOME is Akshay Kumar's last comedy of the year after a string of consecutive hits starting with NAMASTE LONDON, HEYY BABYY and BHOOL BHULAIYA.

WELCOME is slated to release on Dec 21st 2007. Bollywood's HIT MACHINE is on a roll!

Pawan Malhotra connection with Shahrukh Khan

Remember the man who played Tiger Menon in one of the most compelling films of the year - BLACK FRIDAY? He is Pawan Malhotra, an award winning actor who began his career with films like KHAMOSH, BAGH BAHADUR and SALIM LANGDE PE MAT RO around couple of decades back.

He moved on to do hardcore commercial cinema with PARDES where he played Shahrukh Khan's confidant but lost out due to a heavily chopped part. He returned with Shahrukh again, this time in a much better etched part in DON - THE CHASE BEGINS AGAIN where he enacted the part of Narang.

Now, he would be associated with a Shahrukh Khan film third time around in his upcoming release is MY NAME IS ANTHONY GONSALVES. With Khan's Red Chillies Entertainment as one of the producers along with E Niwas Productions and Sahara One Motion Pictures, the film marks the debut of Nikhil Dwivedi in the title role of Anthony Gonsalves.

Pawan Malhotra plays the role of Sikander Bhai, Anthony's benevolent benefactor and protector, who takes care of him since his childhood. As an elder brother, he makes sure that Anthony doesn't get anywhere near the periphery of his gang or his activities except for his legitimate business - a pub!

Jab Saif And Kareena Met


Saif has found his new found love in actress Kareena Kapoor. Kareena is making all efforts to get well acquainted with Latest boyfriend Saif’s ways, she is going out with him and his family. She has met his sisters and his children. She is being very sweet to them. Also, heard she is making every effort to keep them happy.Soha Ali Khan finds Kareena to be a lovely person.

Saif’s family is planning to gift Kareena a sari when she will be coming to meet Saif’s parents. Well, all the girls out there are finding it so weird that Kareena left a guy like Shahid and went in for Saif. It’s actually weird that she went in for a man who keeps changing women like clothes.

Poor Rozza Saif’s Ex-Italian-Girlfriend. Nobody is talking, anything about her. God knows where she has vanished. Wonder if all this bonding is just to gain media attention and publicity. Watch out guys stars can do anything nowadays to promote their films.

Soha Ali Khan A Master At International Relations


Bollywood star Soha Ali Khan, daughter of the star couple Sharmila Tagore and Manssor Ali Khan Pataudi, is qualified with a master’s degree in International relations from London School of Economics and Political Science.

Before starting a career in acting she worked as a finance Professional in Citibank.
Her mother Sharmilla Tagore who was a great actress herself did not want Soha to act in movies.

She feels her daughter is best suited in the corporate field, rather than the field of acting.
“My mother will always want me to do something else,” Soha said. “She still sometimes tries to convince me how finance was better for me and that I should have made a career out of it.”

Maybe mama tried to convince Soha saying “Soha you can use all your acting skills, while convincing your client for a financial deal” and Soha must have convinced her mama saying “I can use all my financial knowledge, in managing the loads of money that I get from acting.”

Aishwarya Recommends Everybody To Get Married


Seven months into wedlock, Aishwarya recommends everybody to get married. “It’s very difficult to articulate, put it down in just a few sentences because it’s obviously a very, very wonderful and joyous phase and I strongly recommend it,” she said when asked about her feelings of being a married woman.

“Well, it’s a beautiful chapter in my life and it’s a fantastic part of the journey. I’d recommend (it) to every one of you out here and I am blissfully happy. What more can one say,” she added. Aishwarya and Abhishek tied the knot in April, and industry analysts are the hottest and super successful couple of Bollywood.

They are compared with Angelina and Brad Pitt of Hollywood. Every move of this couple is scrutinized and viewed under the microscope. They get the most attention every where they go.

Wonder how marriage is bliss for the lady when her life is under so much of scrutiny.
Sometimes people a false glorification of their lives, even when things are wrong.
Hmmm, does Aishwarya fall into this category?????

Marriage must be bliss after all she stole Abhishek from Rani. Have you ever wondered guys throughout this marriage it is only Aishwarya who is happy, Abhishek and the rest of the Bachan’s are reveling in Rai’s glory. Abhishek has such a constipated look always.

Shoaib Entering The League Of Bollywood Actors


There is news that Pakistani batsman Shoaib Akhtar will be very soon entering the league of bollywood actors. Earlier he was offered the role of the villain in Mahesh Bhatt’s Gangster, but had refused the role. When asked about it the cricketer came up with a quote that “ Everyone in life is an actor”.

Hmm before becoming an actor itself, Shoaib “Dialogue Maarne Laaga Hai”. Not bad, Shoaib. Now coming to the money part of the issue, Shoaib is uncompromising, he has demanded a whooping amount of 1 crore which seems to be one third of the movie’s budget. He wasn’t satisfied with just 1 crore but had demanded for a whooping amount of 8 crores, now this is a big amount.

The script of Shoaib’s movie is as follows:

Akhtar has to play himself in the movie — the Pakistani bowling star who is the object of the dreams of a young Indian Punjabi girl who manages to establish contact with him through the internet. There are twists and turns along the way, lots of laughs, but at the end of it all, the girl meets her hero. It’s supposed to be a comedy — with some soulful Sufi music thrown in, ending with a remix. The mix is interesting, to say the least, and Akhtar is interested. “It seems very promising,” says Akhtar, well how promising it is, let’s see when the movie is released.
Any guesses for the title people!!!

Watch out Shahrukh, Salman, Hrithik …………Rawalpindi express, is on his way.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Anil Kapoor & Feroze Khan in WELCOME after 21 years!

Anil Kapoor & Feroze Khan in WELCOMEAnil Kapoor and Feroze Khan were first seen together 21 years back in the hugely controversial hit, JAANBAAZ.

This December 2007, they will reunite on the silver screen in the eagerly anticipated laugh riot, WELCOME, also featuring Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Nana Patekar, Mallika Sherawat and Paresh Rawal.

For cine buffs who loved the veteran duo in JAANBAAZ, it will be nostalgic to see them essaying serio-comic dons in WELCOME. Smiles Anil Kapoor, "It was fantastic working with Feroz saab after so long. He played my elder brother in JAANBAAZ and he is playing my elder brother in WELCOME as well. I hope we create magic again!"

Remarks director Aneez Bazmee, "I'm glad we managed to cast them together. It was completely coincidental and unplanned. I had worked with Anil in NO ENTRY earlier. I had worked with Fardeen in NO ENTRY as well and that's how his father came into the picture to play the senior part in WELCOME."

WELCOME releases worldwide on December 20. It is an Indian Films release through Studio 18.

Bipasha Basu turns business woman?


Actor Bipasha Basu has found a new craze – sports. One isn’t too sure if it’s Goal or sports-crazed boyfriend John Abraham that did this to her.

Anyway, ask her about her plans to launch some signature line just like John has done and she says, “There are no plans as of now. But in the future I might just do something.” And just what would that something be? “It would have to be a sportswear line of clothing,” she says.

Let’s see how long this ‘goal’ realization will take.

The Shah Rukh Deepika & Dhoni connection

Shah Rukh Khan recently shot an ad with Mahendra Singh Dhoni. And Yuvraj Singh and Dhoni have been linked to having an affair with Deepika Padukone.

Just goes on to show that Bollywood seems to have an uncanny

Dia Mirza will be seen in Dus Kahaniyaan

/photo.cms?msid=2594016 After playing a small role in Sanjay Gupta's Shoot Out At Lokhandwala , Dia Mirza will be seen in Dus Kahaniyaan produced by White Feather Films. Dia apparently had signed this film before Shootout... but the latter released first.

The actress confesses that she was not very interested in doing a ten-short-films film and went was sure that she would refuse it at the onset. "I went with the mindset that I would say no. I wasn't sure about what Dus Kahaniyaan - a film with ten short stories would be like? But when I heard the narration, I realized how innovative this film was going to be. This is a first of its kinds and not quite attempted before. I instantly agreed to do the movie, and surprised myself, too!"

The short film that D will be a part of is titled Zaheer , and has been directed by Sanjay Gupta himself. Co-starring Manoj Bajpai, Zaheer is the story of two characters meet each other by chance, and gradually get to know each other. Later they discover that they are not what they imagine they would be.

Dia who has already seen the film reacts, "It was thrilled after watching it. I remember there used to be this weekly serial on Doordarshan called Potli Baba Ki. Dus Kahaniyan reminds me of that..." She continues, "It's a great challenge for a filmmaker to be able to tell a story in ten minutes. All the ten stories in Dus Kahaniyan have been told really well, and the best thing about each of them is that they have a shock value at the end of them. This is like a whole new dimension to filmmaking."

Apart from her film, Rice Plate is another short story of Dus Kahaniyaan that she enjoyed. "It's a socially relevant subject and beautifully told," opines Dia, "Shabana ji and Naseer ji are Gods. They are superb in the film. I am a huge fan of theirs. Then there is Gubbare and Love Dale another beautiful story."

Apart from the special appearance in Om Shanti Om , Dia has had three releases this year and Dus Kahaniyan will be her fourth. The actress informs us that she is not on signing spree and would rather be selective of the work she takes on. "After my films flopped in the beginning, I realized that I needed to do different films. Now that I have done different films and made a place for myself, it's important that I continue to be the centre of attraction. I think I have declined more films now than ever before. When I am old and gray, tottering with a stick, my grandchildren should say wow to my work."

Halla Bol inspired by Van Halen?


You wonder how a film about the movie biz got inspired by popular American rock act Van Halen? Well the trailers of Halla Bol are running with the intro music of the hit song Right Here, Right Now. The intro consists of a long piano piece. We wonder whether the producers contacted the band managers about this.

Earlier Sohail Khan also developed an infatuation with the same piece. He used the same piano intro for his last year film Aryan: The Unbreakable's trailers. Interestingly both films halt the song right before the vocals kick in – that's because it would give out the fact that the song is of foreign origin.

Ban or boon for Aaja Nachle?


Yash Raj have always been known for their PR skills and it comes as a no surprise when the renowned production giant didn’t think twice before indulging in some serious crisis management soon after realising that their latest release Aaja Nachle had triggered some serious controversy!

It all started when UP Chief Minister Mayawati banned the film in her state, claiming that the film allegedly promoted casteism. She objected to the line ‘Samjhe mochi bhi khudko sonar hai’ (even a cobbler considers himself as a jeweller) from the title track of the film, saying it will hurt the sentiments of Dalits in India. She had requested the PM of the country to even call for a country-wide ban on the film. This plea of hers was however overruled.

Director Anil Mehta apologised and even showed his willingness to chop off the line from the song. Madhuri too played safe and showed her concern when she went on record saying, “I didn’t scan through the lyrics of the song.” Now, it was the turn of Yash Raj to speak up.

YRF sent a press release to us stating, “Yash Raj films apologises to all the people whose sentiments have been hurt with the lyrics of one line in the title track of Aaja Nachle . It was not our intention to hurt anybody. We have taken immediate steps to rectify the damage caused and have instructed all our distributors and exhibitors to delete the objectionable words from the song as of last night.”

Yash Chopra, Chairman Yash Raj Films said, “It was not our intention to hurt the feelings of any individual or community of our great nation. If we have inadvertently hurt the sentiments of anybody I apologise for the same and have taken immediate remedial action by deleting the line from the prints of Aaja Nachle from all over the country. This line has been deleted in all the theatres from today. Yash Raj Films makes family oriented films and propagates Indian culture through them and would never do anything that is detrimental to the sentiments of our people.”

We spoke to Piyush Mishra, the very person who has been accused of penning down the controversial lyrics of Aaja Nachle . He clarified himself by saying, “As Anil and Yash Raj have been saying, we had no intention of hurting the sentiments of any caste. However, if my lyrics have hurt the sentiments of anyone, then I offer my sincere apology. I have also written for Black Friday and even that film had run into controversy but the case was different there. That film’s topic itself was a little sensitive as it dealt with the serial bomb blasts in Mumbai. As far as Aaja Nachle is concerned, I’d like to repeat that I am sorry and would like to apologize to those who’ve been hurt.”

All things said and done, we couldn’t help but notice how the politicians who show heartfelt concern for the sensibilities of their countrymen, otherwise never even bother to hear out their problems! A nation-wide research by an Indian news channel proved that the injustice against Dalits in UP has in fact soared in the past few years, under Mayawati’s regime!

With elections round the corner, Aaja Nachle may be a publicity stunt by the politicians involved. However as they say, negative publicity is better than no publicity in the show business, we are sure that the controversy will help the film do better! The music stores, all over the country have even claimed that the sale of the audio CD’s of the film have seen a rise, post its alleged ban!