Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Movie Review :- Oh My God

Movie Review :- Oh My God
Straight on, OMG is Paresh Rawal's movie - and one of his best. Akshay Kumar plays a small and sacred role but OMG is largely powered by Rawal's performance as Kanjilal Mehta, a cynical Gujarati shopkeeper in Mumbai's Chor Bazaar, hardcore atheist who merrily dupes the believing into buying Krishna statues before whom Kanji trills, "Kootchie kootchie, natkhat!" The atheist even disrupts a matki phoro ceremony for Krishna where, despite a cracking guest performance by Sonakshi Sinha and Prabhudeva to 'Go-Go-Go-Govinda' - watch the latter's buttery moves and the former's rock-chick hair - Kanjilal rains on the party. 
An earthquake follows, reducing just one shop to rubble - Kanjilal's. His insurance company refuses to pay, citing an act of God. Facing ruin, Kanji takes God - as represented by 'collection officers', religious leaders Swami Leeladhar (Chakrabarty, super), Siddheshwar (Namdeo, hamming it up to Italian deli-level) and sexy sanyasin Mata Gopi (Poonam Jhawar) - to court demanding compensation. Goons try to kill Kanji - but 'consultant' Krishna Vasudev Yadav saves him via a thrilling motorbike ride - then moves into his house. The trial circles deep philosophy, yet tongues stay firmly in cheek as Kanji tells the outraged swamis, "Ye mujhe kya Gita sikhayenge - inka IQ room temperature se bhi low hai."

Movie Review :- Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal

Movie Review :- Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal
Rewind to two friends, David (Om Puri) and Peter's (Paresh Rawal)fallout, where David went on to marry Mary (Peter's sweetheart), and they both settled in the same damned village; with the burning issue being a 22-carat gold 'cross' stolen from the church (for Christ's sake!). David's son, Johnny (Shreyas), called Bakri by all (since he lacks 'balls' and bheja; bleat, bleat!), is in love with Peter's daughter, Maria ( Madhhurima), who has a female bodyguard called Bulbul Pehelwan(Pratima Kazmi), total Dabangg Sallu-style. And while his cranky, overworked baap digs away (like a Mumbai BMC labourer on a normal day) at the barren land; Bakri dreams of being a crorepati soon, by collecting lottery tickets. Enter the silent, brooding, hungry-man-with-no-name (Nana Patekar), who is probably David's long-lost son (Amen!) or maybe not? He eats like a beast and digs like miner (probably looking for missing parts of

Movie Review :- Kismat Love Paisa Dilli

Movie Review :-  Kismat Love Paisa Dilli
This one's no 'stand-up' comedy. Neither will any part of you feel like giving it a standing ovation. This is as much of a dhoka, as the slang version of KLPD actually suggests. It is a string of episodes, part slap-stick, part-ridiculous, part comedy (the smallest part, of course) that all happens in one long night. It starts right here. 

At a fashion show called En'gay'ged 377 (corny!) hosted by legendary 'man-eater', Rohit Pichwadia (hinting at some back-door activity, if you didn't get it), where Lucky ( Vivek Oberoi) lands up to help his buddy shoot the event. He ends up spiking drinks by peeing into it (say it... yucks!), and falling for Lovina (Mallika Sherawat). He follows her into the night, where one by one the nocturnal

It was my dream to work with SRK : Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif has teamed up with Yash Chopra for Jab Tak Hain Jaan and says that the veteran filmmaker should drop the idea of retirement as he still has the zeal to make amazing cinema."I don't think he should retire. He has an amazing sense of emotion and passion for cinema. I think it will be sad. He is a legend and I don't think anyone can match him up," she said at the launch of song Saans from the film here Tuesday.

On his 80th birthday, Chopra had announced that Jab Tak Hain Jaan will be his last film as director.

Talking about her experience with Chopra, Katrina said she was shooting a difficult scene and everyone was trying to explain how to do it, but the filmmaker started cracking jokes to lighten the mood.

Alia Bhatt has a crush on Ranbir Kapoor

Alia & Ranbir Kapoor
Actress Alia Bhatt confesses she has a huge crush on actor Ranbir Kapoor.

"I have always loved Ranbir and I love him even more after 'Barfi!'. He is my biggest crush and he will always remain my biggest crush," the 19-year-old said here Tuesday at a promotional event of her forthcoming debut film "Student Of The Year".

Asked which Khan would she like to work with from Bollywood's popular Khans - Shah Rukh, Salman or Aamir - Alia said: "These three are such big stars, how can I choose one? I want to work with all three of them."