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Deadly Combo-Jiah Khan and Aamir Khan

Deadly Combo-Jiah Khan and Aamir Khan

Jiah is finally in news about her upcoming movie! After making rave news about her debut with Amitabh Bachchan in Nishabd and Ramu being extremely interested in his new discovery, Jiah has now bagged a precious role outside her mentor’s arena. This girl surely has luck following her as every co-star she works with is of star status. Jiah has got the golden opportunity to work with Bollywood’s perfectionist Aamir Khan. She has been signed as his second heroine in Kajiri- the same role for which Ayesha Takia, Kangana Ranaut and Priyanka Chopra were slated.


A source confirmed, “Yes, Jiah Khan has been signed on as one of the leading ladies along with Asin. In the storyline, one actress plays a part in the past and the other actress plays a part in the future. While Asin has been roped in to play the first part, Jiah has been cast in the latter role.” Well, well, well looks like this girl is going to make it really big in Bollywood!

Uday Chopra and Tanisha Mukherjee ready to tie the knot

Uday Chopra and Tanisha Mukherjee ready to tie the knot

These love birds though they come from highly acclaimed Bollywood families, have not been pestered by the paparazzi. Perhaps because they are still to make a mark in Bollywood…after dating each other for two years the couple has now expressed wish to get married and their families are happy with it.


Tanisha and Uday started seeing each other when they got together to shoot Neal ‘N’ Nikki’. Like the movie this love story is a friendship turned love! So when is the dramatic wedding?

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom drowns Chak De India

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom drowns Chak De India

Yash Raj Films had a hard hitting blow on their face when their much anticipated Jhoom Barabar Jhoom turned out to be an utter flop. So a desperate attempt is being made to save YRF’s next “Chak De India” from the same fate.


The promos that were released with JBJ in the theatres were hooted by the audience very badly and therefore the promos are of the shelf now. Reports also have it that Yashraj camp has asked their team of people to visit theatres to gauge the response that Chak De is getting from the audience. Fortunately the 5 minute video introducing the players is getting decent reviews. So let us hope this SRK extravaganza is not again a YRF’s flop show!

Saif Ali Khan ‘fit n fiery’

Saif Ali Khan ‘fit n fiery’

Last we heard of Saif was that after being hospitalized he was back to form and shooting for Abbas-Mustan’s Race. Now the news is that the dare-devil Saif is trying out Bungee jumps to the extent that he gave some breath taking stunts for Allan Amin during the shoot of Race.


Action Allan Amin said, “Saif went up on in an air balloon to a height of 200 feet. The scene required him to bungee jump from the air balloon into an open-top, moving car traveling at 60 kms per hour. He then had to get into the car and brake since it was headed for a deep valley about 1,000 feet ahead. The brakes had to be applied just at the edge of the valley. That’s when I suggested we do it this way. It’s a very thrilling scene but we weren’t scared at all. We were sure Saif would pull it off.” Wooph that’s one heck of a scene! Gone are the days when Saif would romance his girl or do comedy. He has proved himself to be an able conspirator and is now out there to take up his next avatar of an action hero. Race will have Bipasha Basu and Mallika Sherawat.

John Abraham denies split rumors

John Abraham denies split rumors

John has finally reacted to the John-Bips split rumors and said he is “hurt and disturbed” by the wild guesses. The actor called this sheer media animosity towards them and that he is very much in love with Bipasha.


John’s mother has also been very much upset with the wild guesses. Bipasha has responded by making plans to visit John in Pondichery where he is shooting for Kukunoor’s Aashayein on the 27th of this month. Surely this couple is not for the split. Paparazzi should just stop making groundless news for sensationalism.

Anara Gupta's movie screening halted in Jammu

Anara Gupta's movie screening halted in Jammu

Jammu, June 22: Former Miss Jammu Anara Gupta's debut film "Miss Anara", based on her life story of her arrest on charges of acting in a blue film and acquittal by a court, could not be screened in her own native land following angry protests by Shiv Sena activists.

The film starring Anara in the lead role was screened in 200 cinema theatres across country.

On Friday, when the film was to be released, Shiv Sainiks staged protest demonstrations here and marched in a procession to her house in the town, saying the film would "have an adverse impact on society". They threatened to storm theatres screening the film.

Anara had won the Miss Jammu title in 2001 when she was in her teens. In October 2004, she was arrested on charges of acting in a blue film. She was kept in custody by police and made to confess before the media about her acting in the blue film and under what circumstances she had done so.

The former Miss Jammu, however, retracted her statement in the court and charged the police with framing her. Her case attracted wide media attention. A court acquitted her after a forensic laboratory in Hyderabad declared that the girl in the blue film was not Anara Gupta.

More than half a dozen officers were placed under suspension for her harassment and torture.

However, the Shiv Sena has challenged the court ruling and has asked for a re-investigation.

The film has been produced by K.K. Yadav Productions.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Salman Khan to marry and settle down

Salman Khan to marry and settle down

When Aishwarya Rai got married to Abhishek Bachchan, there were speculations that actor Salman Khan just might marry his long-time girlfriend Katrina Kaif soon - implying that he couldn't get Aishwarya back anymore. Now that the actor has crossed 40, his family members are more than eager to watch him settle down.

Girlfriend Katrina Kaif's mom flew down from London recently and had a nice conversation with Salman Khan's family. This had only increased the rumors of a marriage that was soon going to happen. Now that Salman has finally got himself out of all the legal mess that he was involved in, he too is not rejecting the idea.

There is only one problem now. The actress is finally being recognized for her work. She is getting plenty of new film offers. You don't suppose that she wants to spoil it all by getting married now, do you?

Saturday, June 23, 2007

DRONA to be preponed ?

After Hrithik's 70 crore earner KRRISH, the latest in the superhero series, DRONA, was planned for a Diwali 2007 release.

Featuring the hot 'n' happening Abhishek Bachchan and the audience's favourite, top actress Priyanka Chopra, the movie was expected to herald the arrival of the best special effects till date in Bollywood. But, much to the disappointment of the fans of Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra, there was news about DRONA being postponed to next Diwali, as only ten percent of the SFX was complete.

However, as per the latest buzz, the much awaited DRONA may well be preponed, though we would prefer to hear the same from the makers.

Madhuri Dixit on Koffee with Karan!

Madhuri Dixit on Koffee with Karan!


She is the most beautiful woman ever… she has the most magnificent smile ever… and is truly the most fantastic actress ever… they don't make them like her anymore… This Sunday, Karan chats up with none other than the gorgeous Madhuri Dixit! Watch her talk about her comeback in Bollywood after six years, what all has changed since then, her family, life in the US and lots more only on Koffee with Karan

Madhuri, who is all set to make her much-awaited comeback in Bollywood with 'Aaja Nachle' shares that after a long hiatus of six years, she was a little hassled to face the camera on day one! In fact, she admits on the show that when Aditya Chopra approached her for the film she told him, “You really think people want to watch me?” Madhuri tells Karan that a lot has changed in the industry in the last six years, everything now is very disciplined, it is all planned well in advance, what the scene is going to be, what you are going to wear, everything is set and is therefore very easy for the actors. She also shares how she met her husband Ram, the fact that they complement each other very well and that he has always been very supportive of her decisions! That's not all, on this week's exciting episode, watch out as one of Bollwood's finest and talented actress who is a die-hard Madhuri fan makes a surprise visit! Who is she? Well… you will just have to wait and watch!

And just when the Q&A wraps up, the fun doubles with the fiery rapid fire round! Who according to Madhuri is the hottest hunk in Hindi Cinema? Other than Ram, the sweetest marriage proposal she has received. Sooraj Bharjatiya' s next or Sanjay Bhansali's next? Sridevi or Juhi? Who does Madhuri choose? How does Madhuri combat Karan's volley of questions? Was there enough fire in her answers? Tune-in to this week's exciting episode!

Excerpts from the interview:

Karan: How does it feel … you know you are back after such a long time… do you feel things have changed in the industry … the work ethic… things like that?

Madhuri: Yes… simple things

Karan: Like what

Madhuri: Like… you know you have a whole bound script and that's not a very simple …

Karan: And that didn't happen during your time?

Madhuri: Oh No, it didn't … sometimes we used to go on the sets, we didn't even know what we were going to say in the scene… we used to get the dialogues right then…

Karan: Last minute

Madhuri: Ya… last minute… learn them and just say them and the whole economics was different at that time of film making… and I think because of the corporate kind of culture that has come in now, its great, because everything is so organized now

Karan: Everything is streamlined…

Madhuri: Everything is disciplined … you know it is worked out before hand… what the scene is going to be and what you are going to wear… what you're look is going to be … everything is set for you … it is so easy for the actors

Karan: What else has happened is, this whole emergence of the paparazzi and the media… do you think…

Madhuri: That has shocked me

Karan: Like what

Madhuri: I was invited for this opening and I saw this barrage of cameramen and the press was like falling all over each other… and I was like what is happening …

Karan: And that wasn't the case earlier

Madhuri: No, it wasn't... I mean there were a few photographers… same familiar faces who used to be there everywhere to cover… but now it's like you know new people, new faces and I went to this Siddhivinayak temple … Karan: Oh ya… they have the tendency to follow people at that particular temple

Madhuri: Ya, you know… I came out and it was like… oh my God, and I thought my kids are going to be scared and I was holding on to them… but you should have seen my little one…

Karan: What did he do?

Madhuri: He was fluttering his eyes and smiling and my other kid was also enjoying all that attention…

Karan: But darling, he is an actresses' son, he has got it in his genes

Madhuri: That's what my husband says… “bachche kiske hai”

Karan: Actresses like Rani and all are huge fans of yours…

Madhuri: Ya, she has told me that

Karan: Have you seen her work?

Madhuri: Yes, I have, and I think she is a very good actress… I have always liked her… and I envy her in a way … because my dad is a big fan of hers …

Karan: Really?

Madhuri: Ya, really

Karan: You must see her in Black… she is fantastic

Madhuri: Ya, I should

Karan: What about your male co-stars, have you met them all, after you are back?

Madhuri: No, not all of them, because everybody is busy… but, I have met Shah Rukh and I think he is only co-star I have met

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Aditya Chopra - Rani Mukherji engaged?

Aditya Chopra - Rani Mukherji engaged?

The city was agog with rumours that Rani Mukherji and Aditya Chopra had a 'roka' ceremony on Monday night

That something has been brewing between filmmaker Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukherji has been doing the rounds for a long time now, but there's a new twist to the tale. Given that Aditya's divorce proceedings with his wife Payal Khanna are still on, it seems unlikely that he would go in for an engagement with Rani. A close friend of the family insists that there is no truth to the rumour. He says, "It is true that Adi's divorce will come through any time now. But he definitely didn't get engaged to Rani." But according to sources, the Chopra and Mukherji family did get together on Monday night to hold a 'roka' ceremony for the couple. According to the grapevine, even though the Chopras are not happy with this association because of their loyalty to Payal, they had to give in to Aditya's wishes. But rumour mongers insist that the engagement ceremony did take place at the Chopra residence in the presence of Yash and Pamela Chopra and Rani's parents, Krishna and Ram Mukherji, besides brother Raja Mukherji. In the meanwhile, the Chopras are said to have bought a Rs 3.5 crore flat for Payal at Khar, and she's apparently already moved in. This is a personal token of affection, over and above the alimony that will accrue. A source close to the family says: "The Chopras, especially Pamela, was very unhappy to let Payal go out of the house. They shared a great relationship with her. If they could, they would have never allowed this to happen. But now they don't have a choice, and are trying to compensate her in the best possible manner."

It's widely perceived that the Chopras were backing Payal ever since they came to know that Aditya was planning to divorce her. She was after all, their choice and they felt personally let down when the marriage failed. It seems clear now that Rani and Aditya are planning to tie the knot as soon as the divorce is through. And chances are that Aditya might move into Rani's new home instead of bringing her into the Chopra residence.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Anara Gupta -- Whats The Reality

JAMMU: She cannot face herself in the mirror now. The face that earned her the crown of beauty queen has led her to hide it under the veil.

Fallen beauty: Crowned Miss Jammu in 2001 (left), Anara ended up as a porn star.
From fame to notoriety, that is the story of Miss Jammu 2001 Anara Gupta. The 18-year old was arrested by the Jammu Police for acting in pornographic movies on November 3. A case was registered against her under Sections 292, 292 RPC Immoral Trafficking, cinematography and information technology acts.

A pretty middle-class girl – Anara's father is a forest officer and mother a school teacher – it was the glamour and glitter of beauty pageants that drew her into the dark world of flesh trade. Anara was a bright student in Dewan Badrinath, a reputed school in Jammu, but was only 15 years old when she became beauty queen. The minimum age for the contest is 18 years.

"I had just taken my Xth class exams when I joined a dancing school, Rhythm Divine, to learn Indian classical. My school friends persuaded me to participate in the contest. The organiser, Pawan Sharma, didn't hesitate to flout the age-limit when he saw me.

"My parents were against it, but Sharma came home and convinced them that the pageant was a respectable show," Anara told Times of India at the women's police station here.

Then came the moment of glory. She became the most beautiful girl of Jammu on October 7, 2001. Anara became the talk of the town and her pictures were splashed across newspapers and flashed on TV channels.

Narinder Kohli, one of the organisers and a local cable operator, set the trap right then. "He managed to win my parents' confidence and assured them that he would make me a big star. "Kohli called my mother his sister.

"But I was a perfect victim for him. My parents are out working during the day. One day while I was alone at home, he came and raped me. He threatened that if I disclosed it to my parents, he would shoot them," recalls the girl.

This episode turned out to be a daily routine for Anara, who was too frightened to speak out. Last year in summers, Narinder forced her to accompany him to Himachal Pradesh and told her parents that she would participate in a fashion show.

There was no beauty contest. Instead Narinder made Anara sleep with his associate Yogesh Sharma saying he was a big Bollywood producer and could change Anara's life.

"Narinder also told me that he would film Yogesh and me and promised that it would not harm me. I was helpless, alone and immature. So I agreed," Anara says.

The blackmailing started the very next day when Narinder threatened to make the CD public if she did not "earn her keep". "He 'supplied' me to many top people in Jammu and I could never come out of this gutter," repents the young beauty queen.

Anara was meagerly paid and finally everything was over when police recovered her porn CDs in Jammu which were clandestinely sold and circulated in Jammu.

"I got nothing out of it except for shame and humiliation, condemnation and disgrace for my parents and brothers. Middle-class girls should never enter into show biz. It's not for us," Anara cries.

The girl has revealed names of many politicians, officers and girls involved in the sex racket to the police during interrogation. The police have already arrested Narinder and another Siti cable operator. Investigations are on.

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Anara Gupta relives trauma in Miss Anara movie

Remember former Miss Jammu Anara Gupta who was falsely accused of being a part of a pornographic CD racket?

Anara Gupta was arrested in October 2004. Though Anara was later cleared by a court on the basis of a forensic test report which said the person who featured in the porn film was not Anara, she found it hard to forget the ordeal she had to undergo.

Three policemen were suspended later, and there was evidence of manipulation - a Hyderabad based forensic science lab said that the girl in the CD was not Anara Gupta, while Chandigarh based Central Forensic Science Laboratory said that it was her. In the end, the police admitted there was no prima facie evidence against Anara, and withdrew all cases against the former Miss Jammu.

And, “to get a reason to live,” Anara has starred in a film based on the infamous episode.

“I did not want to live after that horrific incident occurred in my life. But after I decided to work for the movie titled Miss Anara, I got a reason to live,” a visibly disturbed Anara Gupta, 21, told a new conference in New Delhi.

Miss Anara promises to take a hard look at the nightmare the former beauty-pageant winner underwent. Besides giving her a career as a film actor, the film has also changed Anara Gupta as a person. Says she: “Before this, I didn’t want to live; now I want to live and look forward to a new future.”

Working on the film based on her own traumatic past, Anara admits, was like reliving the nightmare. “It was very difficult. I would think of the real incident and start crying.”

Anara goes on to say about her debut film: “I faced the most difficult moments while shooting the third-degree torture scenes in prison. I used to faint every time we shot the scenes.”

“The film has become a mission of my life. Through it, I want to bring out the truth to the society.”

The film, says Anara, highlights the physical and emotional trauma she underwent and insists that it is not an effort to exploit the issue commercially.

She adds, “Till date I am famous because I was infamous, but after the release of the film, I will get positive fame, as the mindset of people will change when they see it.”

Anara made it clear that acting is just a hobby for her and not a career option. She said she is pursuing a law degree through correspondence in order to get to know the law of the country. “I started pursuing law because when I was pushed behind the bars I did not even know my rights. I became a puppet in their hands. It was then that I realised its importance. In fact I want every girl to know her rights.”

Miss Anara, produced by K K Yadav, features debuting actor Amit Rao opposite Anara. Miss Anara will be released on June 22, 2007.

Chain Kulli Ki Main Kull - Movie Review

Movie Review - Chain Kulli Ki Main Kull

The only film worth reviewing this week is
Chain Kulli Ki Main Kulli, directed by first-timer Kittuu Salooja, produced by Ken Ghosh.

Here, Rahul Bose plays the "Dependable" Rahul Dravid sort of captain of the Indian cricket team. His coach could win an Indian look-alike contest for Greg Chappell, if there were any.

The little boy, a fairly natural actor, who makes his international cricket debut against Pakistan at 13, seems like the curly haired Sachin Tendulkar from his early teens.

The film itself is John Schultz's Like Mike. In the Hollywood original, a poor kid finds sneakers of Michael Jordan. The shoes have magical powers. He instantly dunks his way into the top of NBA, or the National Basketball Association.

In this rehash of the American kiddie B-grader, a poor orphan child finds a bat with the initials 'KD 83' or Kapil Dev, 1983. This was perhaps the bat that Kapil may have used to score 175 runs against Zimbabwe in the '83 World Cup.

How the peon at the orphanage knows so much about that match is a mystery to me? The BBC was on strike on that historic day of Indian cricket. That particular innings of Kapil actually never got televised. But never mind that.

The willow we talk of wields magical powers. And our little boy, within a few seconds, lands up as the star of the Indian cricket team. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just a few observations to make here.

Firstly, it's been about two and half decades since India won the World Cup in England. High time really, that we stopped flogging that single achievement of ours. This movie is yet another tribute to that same grand success. Thank you.

Secondly, a film should either be pure fantasy or an emotional drama. This one attempts both. So partly fails at both. And we're constantly dealing with Rahul Dravid and his problems with his Estranged dad, or a silly goon boy who keeps harassing our little kid at the orphanage. Just show us the magic bat. That's enough.

Finally, around the time of World Cup in March, pretty much all the movie corporate houses decided to cash in with a cricket film. Some didn't even release after India's early exit from the tournament. This one has. After Indians have finally thumped Bangladesh at their home turf.

So cricket is perhaps not such a bad word anymore. If you compare Chain Kulli Ki Main Kulli with other World Cup movies this year, Salaam India or Hattrick, it scores higher.

At least children are likely to enjoy this more. Aside of those comparisons, there's nothing to write home about here, really.